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Leading Men: Summer Issue Is Now In Stores!

July 3, 2012


The Summer issue just breezed its way into stores minutes ago! Finally!

This issue focuses on the much needed spotlight on men who are fast taking over Pole Sport much like their female counterparts. The list of leading men in pole fitness rivals any other athletes in any sport. Talented male athletes like Ravan (on the cover taking the lead in a routine act photo op with Faith Daniels), David C. Owen, Duncan West, Mattcrobat, Timber Brown, Dima Shine, Loic Lebret, Nic Judd, Chris Measday, Emil Valentino, Derick Pierson, Kazuya Naka, Dave Kahl, and many others featured in the issue!

Speaking of leading men in pole fitness, Japan based Hiroyuki Nagashima could very well be his country’s national pole star at a young age of 49! He can hold his own just like the others half his age!

The Summer issue also features the remarkable performing artist and pole athlete, Rebecca Starr touring with the Cirque Dreams and includes the bravery of Shea, a rape victim who now is a proud owner of her own pole fitness studio.

The Mind, Body & Soul section didn’t fall short of pole necessity with an awareness on what plagues a lot of pole fitness advocates –Callus Prevention Tips. You do not want to miss this article.

And of course, what would another issue be without our adoring fans’ street poling pictures? Many of you made it into the 6-page spread. You just have to pick up the issue in stores now to find out if you are in it!

The Summer issue is now in stores. For a list of locations nearest you please contact us. To get one shipped out to you anywhere in the world, please use our Subscription page. Hurry before this issue sells out fast just like like the previous one!

Wholesale, bulk orders for studio/business resale are also available with only 7 copies minimum order. Inquire at

As always, Pole Spin magazine is a proud media sponsor of the upcoming American Pole Fitness Championships in New York City on Friday, October 12, 2012. Tickets to attend the event are now on sale. We will be there to capture all of you on the red carpet. See you there!

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