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The International Pole Dance Fitness & Lifestyle Magazine, Pole Spin™ is a quarterly high quality glossy print publication. The 1st of its kind for the pole fitness industry. The publication is now available at major bookstores such as Barnes & Nobles, Borders and select newsstands as of April 12, 2011.

Advertising artwork submission deadlines are as follows:

Issue Date                                             Artwork Submission Deadline                           On Sale Date

Jan-Mar Issues                                            September 1                                                         1st Tues in January

Apr-Jun Issues                                             December  1                                                         1st Tues in April

Jul-Sep Issues                                               March 1                                                                1st Tues in July

Oct-Dec Issues                                              June 1                                                                   1st Tues in  October

We offer competitive rates (as low as $50 a month budget) to other equally high profile fitness, yoga and dance print magazine in the world. Target your consumers by placing your business right in front of our readers. Our wide demographic of highly intelligent male and female readers range from 18-50+ years of age with over 70% females. As a quarterly publication, this means your business advertisement gets longevity in exposure to the readers and not a fast turn around. In other words you get more for your money with the 3 months exposure before the next issue. This is a perfect outlet for all types of businesses and services catering to dance, fitness, aerial acts and entertainment consumers/readers worldwide. Get your brand and services noticed!

Businesses interested in advertising with us print and/or web placement should send emails to SALES@POLESPINMAG.COM. Get your artwork in before the next issue’s deadline. It will be here before you know it! Pole Spin Magazine is an international phenomenon in pole sport. Get your businesses/brands more exposure.

For further assistance with your marketing plan in our publication and website banner placements, please contact Michael Weinstein at the email address above.